Love Bones - Collar


A design reminiscent of a magical doggy paradise where dogs just experience sky high love and the joy of chewing on bone treats. It's honestly what every dog deserves since they have unconditional love for us.

  • Special clip for a dog tag or a lucky charm your dog carries

  • D-ring for any leash attachment

  • Neoprene padded interior for maximum comfort

  • Reinforced high grade plastic buckles to ensure a soft touch on dogs hair or skin

  • Easily fully adjustable within size range
  • Keep in mind that some dogs have a larger head circumference than their necks. If this is the case, since the apparel or harness must fit over their head before going down to their neck, measure accordingly.

  • If you do not have measuring tape handy don't worry! You can always use a twine or string to wrap around your pet and compare it to a straight ruler after.

  • We always recommend to size up if your dogs measurement happens to be too close to the max size. For example: If you were to purchase a harness that says the chest measurement max is up to 44 cm and your dogs chest measures 43 cm or exactly 44 cm, then you should size up to the next option, as it is possible it would be too much of a tight fit. Dogs love their wiggle room!

  • For puppies, keep in mind that they're growing and maybe order a size up or two depending on the breed.

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